• Event Time 7:30 pm-9:30 pm
  • Event Start Date 06/03/2015
  • Event Location 46 Sims Place #01-197 (Level 2)

General synopsis:

Psychotherapy is a recent modality within the mental health community in offering therapeutic service to those who require them. There is however much misunderstanding therein because clients expect wondrous cure achievements to alleviate their mental, social, emotional and psychological ailments. As such this had led to much confusion in psychotherapy engaged as tools for therapeutic reasons and psychotherapy as a spiritual path.  Buddhism, though started by The Lord Buddha Gotama mainly to serve the needs of the community of monks for them to obtain liberation from the samsaric cycles of existence, eventually transformed itself to meet the needs of entire humanity too. Hence, Buddhism can be effectively used as a therapy methodology also.

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About the Speaker :

Dr. Jeffrey Po is a counselling psychologist and psychotherapist in private practice. He also participates and organises workshops, lectures and training in that direction and tries to connect them to Buddhist spiritual practices.  Besides Singapore, he has lectured extensively overseas in Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. He is the author of two books, namely “The Buddhist Companion” and “Buddhist Snippets”. In the pipeline are two more books entitled “The Buddhist Snippets – II” and “Meditative flow-Psychotherapy”.