Venerable Ding Rong

Venerable Ding Rong was ordained in Sydney, Australia, in 1994.  Owing to his quest for more in-depth understanding of the Dharma, after graduating from his Buddhist College in 1998, he further pursued another 3-year Postgraduate Buddhist Studies in Taiwan Buddhist Research Institute.

Venerable Ding Rong also holds a Master’s Degree in Professional Counselling from the Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, and, Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychological Studies, University of Derby, UK. He is passionate in promoting Dharma education and teaching of mindfulness. He integrates the teaching of Buddha Dharma and the knowledge of modern psychology in helping and guiding people how to tackle their mind and life matters. Throughout his work, he emphasizes the practical application of Buddha Dharma in one’s daily life.           

Since 2002, Venerable Ding Rong has travelled widely over Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and China, to provide Religious Educational trainings as well as to continue his own learning journey. He has conducted numerous Dharma activities such as seminars in Dharma and mindfulness, Dharma courses, Meditation classes, Dharma teachers’ training, and numerous workshops in Dharma, mindfulness, meditation, stress coping, awareness and awakening. Venerable Ding Rong’s past and present responsibilities include: Deputy Abbot of Buddhist Monastery, Dharma Teacher, Buddhist Counsellor, Board of Director for Secondary and Primary schools, Religious Advisor for schools and Buddhist societies and organisations, Advisor for Dharma Sunday Schools, Prison Counsellor, Committee Member, Mentor and Advisor to various Buddhist organisations, as well as training of volunteers etc.




自2002年起,法师再回返澳洲及远涉加拿大,台湾,香港,韩国,中国等多个国家从事教学工作,培训与参学。法师过去曾举办过的活动包括:各项佛学及心宁讲座,佛学课程,禅修班,佛学师资培训及无数的佛学、心灵、禅修、减压、觉醒等工作坊。 法师担任的职事包括:监院、当家,佛学教师,佛教心理辅导员,中小学校董,学校及佛教团体宗教顾问,佛教周日学校顾问,监狱辅导员,佛教团体理事、导师及顾问,及义工培训等工作。

Position in various organisations:

新加坡佛教总会 总务组主任
Singapore Buddhist Federation – Chairman, General Affairs Committee

新加坡佛教青年弘法团 – 法务顾问 (2012-2014)
Singapore Buddhist Youth Mission – Advisor

佛教施诊所 – 心宁话室 辅导服务 顾问委员
SBFC (SSCS) Counselling Service – Advisory Committee

新加坡阿弥陀佛关怀中心 – 导师
Singpoare Amitofo Care Centre – Mentor (2012-14)

新加坡障宜监狱 – 宗教辅导员
Singapore Changi Prison – Buddhist Counsellor

圆点心宁中心 – 发起人/导师
Dot Connections Growth Centre – Founder/Mentor

Professional Training in Counselling:

澳洲斯威本科技大学 专业辅导硕士学位
MSc. (Professional Counselling) (Swinburne University of Technology)

澳洲斯威本科技大学 专业辅导研究生文凭
Grad Dip. (Professional Counselling) (Swinburne University of Technology)

英国德比大学 心理学 荣誉学位
BSc (Hons) Psychological Studies (University of Derby, UK)

心理辅导培训学院 辅导心理学专科文凭
Specialist Dip. (Counselling Psychology) (The Academy of Certified Counsellor)

心理辅导培训学院 青少年心理学辅导专科文凭
Specialist Dip. (Youth Counselling and Management) (The Academy of Certified Counsellor)

香港大学 实用社会科学青年辅导文凭
Dip. Applied Soc. Sciences (Youth Counselling) (The University of Hong Kong)

香港中文大学 大专辅导文凭
Dip.GC (Counselling) (Chinese University of Hong Kong)